Faculty Meeting Agenda- Friday, Dec. 10, 2010

  • I have a few days for which I will be out of the building for all or part of the day.
    • Wednesday, Dec. 15 and Thursday, Dec. 16- I will be out all day Wednesday, and most of Thursday at a conference in Des Moines.
    • Friday, Dec. 17- I will be with Mr. Jones, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Arentsen, and Brian Gordon at Pella observing their PE4Life program.
  • I think Des Moines Christian Admin team might be here this afternoon.
  • Grade Check- Need grades today. We will try to have the list done by advisory so you can let kids know. They will be ineligible starting Monday through Wednesday, Dec. 22.
  • JMC- Grades should be up to date by Monday of each week. Be as detailed as possible when describing what you are assessing students on. If it is just an assignment identify it clearly, if it is based on a Standard, identify it clearly. Also, be sure to put the DUE DATE for the date. This will clarify issues for parents.
  • Hall Duty- Be sure to be in the hallways around 8:20 a.m. every morning, and between classes. Visibility in the halls is important.
  • Sub Plans- Be sure you have a sub folder with all pertinent information. Let Allison know where it is located.
  • Attendance- Obviously, we are trying to do a better job of keeping track of attendance. The expectation is that you mark attendance for each period at the start of the period. If someone is gone, mark them AU. If they are excused Allison will take care of it. If it is already showing up as AE, leave it because she has already marked them excused for the day. If they are just tardy it can be changed at a later time.
  • GOOGLE CALENDAR- Why aren't we all using this to put in assignments/lessons for our kids/parents?
  • PD until Winter Break- SH Room at 7:30
  • I like what I am seeing in classes

Faculty Meeting Agenda- Friday, Dec. 3, 2010

  • I have a few days for which I will be out of the building for all or part of the day.
    • Friday, Dec. 3- I am in Ames for a conference. I should be back around 1:00 p.m.
    • Wednesday, Dec. 8- I will be here until about 11:00 a.m.
    • Wednesday, Dec. 15 and Thursday, Dec. 16- I will be out all day Wednesday, and most of Thursday at a conference in Des Moines.
    • Friday, Dec. 17- I will be with Mr. Jones, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Arentsen, and Brian Gordon at Pella observing their PE4Life program.
  • Upcoming Visitors that I know of:
    • Tuesday, Dec. 7, Elk Horn Kimballton-12-15 people including students 9:00-11:30
    • Wednesday, Dec. 8, Underwood- Not sure the number of people 1:00-3:00
    • Tuesday, Dec. 14, Ft. Dodge St. Edmond- 5-8 people 9:00-11:30
    • Thursday, Dec. 16, Elk Horn Kimballton- 6-8 people including Board members 9:00-11:30
  • Next Grade Check- Friday, Dec. 10. Please have grades in by 10:00 a.m.
  • Friendly reminders:
    • Be visible in hallways during passing time
    • Hats- If you see someone with a hat on, remind them to remove it while they are in the building
    • Attendance- Be sure to get it marked each class period on JMC
  • Monday, Dec. 20 is Career Day- Colleen will be getting us more info as we get closer.

Faculty Meeting Agenda- Friday, Nov. 12, 2010

  • Conferences- Thanks for making them a success, but we have to find a more efficient way of doing them. Share your ideas with the BLT.
  • As most of you know, we hired Josh Fitkin for the 8th grade position. Please welcome him to the team when you get a chance.
  • GRADES ARE DUE TODAY BY 10:00 A.M. Remember it is for 2nd quarter grades. Next planned grade checks:
    • Tuesday, Nov. 23
    • Friday, Dec. 10
    • Wednesday, Dec. 22
  • We have Drake students here today. Schedule was shared yesterday.
  • The play is tonight at 8:00 p.m. and tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. I look forward to seeing you support Jared and the cast.

Faculty Meeting Agenda- Friday, November 5, 2010

  • Be sure to pass out the letters for conferences today. You will need the following for conferences for you advisory kids:
    • Report Card
    • Attendance Report
    • NWEA MAP Goal Sheet
  • PLCs are on your own next week. If you are in my groups, touch base with me on Monday your plans for learning this week.
  • Possible 8th grade teacher. We are looking at a 5/8 MS teacher. We are interviewing 4 individuals. Last interview is on Monday. We hope to have a decision made soon.
  • IPI Data- We will look at the results from Thursdays walkthroughs on Nov. 19
  • Veteran's Day Assembly Thursday, Nov. 11 at 1:30 p.m. We will not adjust the schedule. We will seat kids at 1:25. The assembly will take approximately 45 minutes.
  • We will have Drake Education students here next Friday. They will be observing classrooms and talking to teachers about using technology in your classes

Faculty Meeting Agenda- Friday, October 29, 2010

  • Do we want to do a progress report on Friday and then turn around and turn quarter grades in next week? I don't think it is a good idea, but I am willing to listen to your thoughts.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences- The plan is to use the SH room and the band room. My thought is to just split us in half alphabetically or try to put the teachers who teach JH class in one room and all others in the other room. Problem is we have 17 people who teach at least one JH class. Thoughts?
  • IPDP- You should all have met with me or be meeting with me today. If not we need to set something up for today.
  • Tuesday and Thursday are building days for PD
  • Topics to talk to your advisory kids about:
    • Gum- Seeing more gum under tables on carpet. We can take away that privilege if needed. Be sure to make sure it finds the trash can when done with it.
    • JH Kids- Talk to them about their lunch room decorum- We don't want them moving around the lunchroom once they have found a spot
    • JH and HS kids- Keep their area clean at lunch- We may start assigning someone to clean the tables if needed.
    • JH and HS Kids- Great job in the hallways and bathrooms. They look great and are staying relatively clean.
  • Lunch times- I have had students request we move lunch times so they can eat at different times during the year. I would like to keep 6th and 7th grade during first lunch, but I am open to changing the others. Thoughts?
  • Hall Movement after the bells- Three random observations in the first 5 minutes after the bell:
    • Tuesday- 22 students in hall. Only saw 4 students with passes.
    • Wednesday- 38 students in hall. Only saw 2 students with passes.
    • Thursday- 26 students in hall. Only saw 1 student with pass.
  • Do we want to extend advisory time? Survey Results
  • Schedule Ideas

Faculty Meeting Agenda- Friday, October 15, 2010

  • IPDP- I need to meet with everyone to discuss your IPDP. I am extending the deadline to October 29. Please see me to arrange a time to meet.
  • PD- Tuesday and Thursday are PLC days
  • Wednesday, Oct. 20 is a Full Day of PD- In the a.m. we will have a building day in the p.m. it will be a district day.
  • I will be out of town Thursday and Friday of next week.
  • Classroom Observations- The plan is to try to get everyone in another teacher's room once a quarter.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences- Options
    • Rooms
    • Lunchroom and Small Gym
    • Band Room and SH Room
  • Grades are due by 10:00 a.m. today.
  • I need to speak to Bill, Kim, JoEllen, and Kent after our meeting today

Faculty Meeting Agenda- Friday, October 8, 2010

  • IPDP- I need to meet with everyone to discuss their IPDP by Tuesday, Oct. 19. Please see me to arrange a time to meet.
  • PD next week- We will be working on reviewing MAP data. Please refer to Jen's email for your meeting location
  • Monday, Oct. 11- I will be out of the office to ITEC.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 12- We will have visitors from Waukon and Iowa Falls
  • Thursday, Oct. 14- We will have a fire drill sometime in the a.m. Please review your Fire Drill exits.
  • Friday, Oct. 15- Grades are due by 10:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 20- Full Day of PD. The morning will be a building day. We will continue looking at Standards Based Grading, Supports for Struggling Learners, and we might talk about scheduling. The afternoon will be district PD.

Faculty Meeting Agenda- September 24, 2010

Faculty Meeting Agenda- September 17, 2010

  • IPDP- Need completed by the end of the month
  • Schedule for today. See Sept. 10- Joellen
  • Grades- We need grades by 10:00 a.m. today. You will need to do a progress report and a teacher to office. Only submit grades of classes you want included on the grade check. We will get the list to advisors and you can pass out the letters during advisory.
  • Attendance and Schedules- If a student is still on your class list and they haven't been in class. Keep counting them absent so we know to check on why they are not attending.
  • PD Monday- 7:30-11:30 a.m. in the SH room as a district and 12:45-3:30 in the Secondary Library. Please bring your computers for the 2nd session. It will be a great day of learning. Our focus will be on what learning needs to look like, and how are we going to assess it?
  • VR visits- Next week Holly Baiotto will be giving advisory groups tours of the VR room
  • Stacey Wigant- http://www.polleverywhere.com/

Faculty Meeting Agenda- September 10, 2010

  • Thank You Shawn and Shannon for sharing google calendar with the staff. I appreciate everyone being respectful students when anyone is presenting to you, especially one of your peers. We have to model the behaviors we expect of our students.
  • It sounds like most of you have started using this already. Is this something we want to do building wide? If so, how long before we are doing it as an entire staff?
  • Formative Assessment Tool- Stacey using cell phones in class.
  • Grades need to be updated by Monday morning. It would be great to see them updated a couple of times a week, but for sure we need them updated by Monday morning.
  • If you have someone below a C in your class and you haven't contacted their parents, be sure to do that ASAP
  • First Grade check is Friday, Sept 17.
  • Advisory- Should be able to see grades now
    • Review grades weekly- Contact parents if student has a D or F
    • Review Attendance- You guys are doing a great job with this. If you have someone that has missed 4 days make sure you are getting their letter out.
    • Show kids how to access JMC from the website
  • Please review the walkthrough data- We will go over next week.
  • Google Groups-https://groups.google.com/a/vmbulldogs.com/group/6-12-teachers/topics?lnk
  • We will have visitors Tuesday, Sept. 14 (yes, I know it is homecoming). I think we will have four people here.
  • IPDP's- Need by end of the month. Should be able to just adjust the one you had last year. Once you have it, share it with me and we set up a time to meet.
  • Homecoming week- Joellen emailed out the days and activities for the week, and it will also be on the school web page at www.vmbulldogs.com >


The following people need to stay for a few minutes after the meeting:
Jenn Callahan
Kim Carey
Jeremy Cooper
Bart Jones
Adam LamoureuxJared LangeBob Long
Bill Miller
Annie Pettit
Eric Trudo
Stacy Wigant

Faculty Meeting Agenda- September 3, 2010

  • Google Calendar Help Video
  • Wednesday, Sept. 8, from 11:25 until 11:57 will be class meetings. Mrs. Wesselmann or I will get you more information next week. Just dismiss your students to their designated room at 11:23. More info will follow
  • Walkthrough data- I have done close to 40 walkthroughs. Next Friday, I will share the results of what I have seen so far. Periodically, I will email you the form and have reflective questions for you to think about. I won't do it for all of the walkthroughs, but eventually you should get one every week or so.
  • Have a great holiday weekend! Don't forget we have PLCs on Tuesday.

Faculty Meeting Agenda- August 27,2010

  • Attendance
    • Admit
      • No student allowed in your class w/o admit the day after being gone
      • Give assignment and sign
    • Advisory
      • Constantly monitor attendance and talk to your students about the importance of being at school
      • Make sure after a student in your advisory has been gone that you talking with him/her about why they were gone, getting work completed, etc.
  • JMC
    • Hope to have Advisory in next week
    • Hope to have access to all students grades by next week
  • Bells- We set the bells at your request. Even though the bell clock does not match up with your cellphone, don't dismiss kids until the bell rings
  • Lunch- Overall it went well. Had a few kids confused on when they eat, but students had plenty of time to eat.
  • First Grade Check- September 17

Faculty Meeting Agenda- August 20, 2010

8:15-9:45 Review Faculty Handbook

  • Schedule
    • Lunch Procedures
      • All students will enter the lunchroom from the north doors- Teachers will walk their students to the lunchroom via the stairs on the north side of the building(near Mr. Lamoureux's room or on the 6th grade side)
      • All students will exit the lunchroom and go back to class out the southwest doors near the teachers' tables.
      • Teachers are encouraged to eat lunch in the lunchroom
      • Each shift has a staggered start, so students who are done eating may have to stand for a few minutes prior to leaving
  • Advisory
  • JMC
    • Grades Updated by 8:00 a.m. Monday
    • Unit/Lesson Plans Posted at least 1 week in advance so parents can view them. If they aren't on JMC they need to be on your google site
  • Google Site
    • Picture
    • Bio
    • Assignments
    • Any other pertinent information.
    • It is your responsibility to keep it updated
  • Advisory-Meet everyday for 15 minutes
    • Role of Advisor
      • Relationships
      • Attendance
      • Grades/Homework-Monitor on JMC
      • Ineligibility List
      • Communication with Parents
      • Career Plan
      • Digital Portfolio
  • Keep the Building Clean- PRIDE
    • Gum
    • Hall Movement
    • Gym Usage
    • Restrooms
9:45-10:00 Break

10:00-10:20 Read Articles Independently

10:20-11:00 Discuss Articles in Small Groups

11:00-Noon Discuss Articles Whole Group

Faculty Meeting- May 28, 2010

  1. Semester Tests Schedules for next week
  2. Tuesday, June 1 we will be having a retirement reception from 4:00-6:00 p.m. for all retirees.
  3. Thursday, June 3 we will be collecting student computers. Mike will discuss with you how this will work.
  4. Thursday, June 3- I will be meeting with the SLT today to work out the details. We will be assigning your advisory group a project in town our here around the school. We will start after all computers are turned in.
  5. Friday, June 4- We will have a 1:30 dismissal.
  6. Monday, June 7 is teachers last day. Breakfast is 8:00-8:30 (change). We will meet as a district from 8:30-9:00 a.m. YOU WILL NEED YOUR LAPTOPS! We will then meet as a staff for 30-45 minutes. Starting at 10:00 we will begin our checkout process. I have attached the checkout sheet here that I placed in your box . Sign up for your time here
  7. Schedules today- We will be on the all call most of the day today. We are going to have to meet with kids to get schedules completed. Sorry for the inconvenience. If we call a kid and for some reason they can't come, call us.

Faculty Meeting- May 21, 2010

  1. Graduation Sunday 2:00 p.m.- We need to know how many of you will be attending.
  2. BLT- We will meet next Thursday, May 27 at 3:30 in the conference room to discuss: Advisory, Grading/Homework/Ineligibility
  3. Semester Tests are June 1 and 2.
  4. Tuesday, June 1 we will be having a retirement reception from 4:00-6:00 p.m. for all retirees.
  5. Thursday, June 3 we will be collecting student computers. Mike will discuss with you how this will work.
  6. Thursday, June 3 in the afternoon, we will be helping the city of Van Meter with a clean-up day. I am still waiting for information
  7. Friday, June 4 we will be dismissing students at 1:30 p.m.
  8. Monday, June 7 is teachers last day. Breakfast from 8:00-9:00. At 9:00 a.m. we will meet in the library for about 30-45 minutes. Starting at 10:00 a.m., we will begin meeting with teachers for checkout. Retirees get first dibs on time slots. We will have a 10 minute rotation. Once they have chosen their times, we will have a draft for the rest of the slots.
Faculty Meeting- May 14, 2010
  1. Grades due today for ineligibility check. We will get the list out on Monday.
  2. We have decided to not do a 6th grade orientation until next fall prior to school starting FYI.
  3. Seniors last day is Wednesday, May 19. GRADES MUST BE IN BY 9:00 A.M. THURSDAY.
  4. Senior Awards Night- Wednesday, May 19 at 7:00 p.m. We would love to have teachers help present scholarships and awards Wednesday night. See Mr. Beem for your choices. This is a great way to send seniors out, especially if you can't make it to graduation on Sunday.
  5. Thursday, May 20-Seniors will be here for graduation practice in the morning.
  6. Graduation is Sunday, May 23 at 2:00 p.m.
  7. We will NOT be running next year's schedule the last day of school. We have discussed getting out at 1:30, I will let you know what the final decision is when I know. I assume a decision will be made at our next admin meeting.
  8. Thursday, June 3- We have been asked by the Community Betterment Committee to help with a "clean-up" day prior to Raccoon River Days. I don't have all of the details yet, but thoughts were we would get in our advisory groups and have designated areas to help clean. I think we will probably limit this to H.S. students. I will get you more information as I have it.
  9. Monday, June 7 is last day for teachers. We will meet in the library at 8:30 for a brief meeting to the crosswalk with these documents It should not take long.
  10. Advisory- the BLT is asking any staff member to contribute to designing a successful advisory program for next year. We have designated time to meet every day for advisory. We want the program to be successful and believe it can have an positive impact on many fronts. This is the charter created in 2007
We have discussed many possibilities that include:
  • Digital Portfolios based on: RESPECT and Graduation Requirements
  • Student facilitated conference
  • Senior Presentation prior to graduation with check points prior at each grade level

Faculty Meeting- April 30, 2010

  1. Purchase Orders- We met Monday as an admin team to discuss supplies for next year. I have decided to allot $100 per teacher for supplies for next school year. If you have to have something for your students to learn certain material, then you will need to see me and we can discuss it. All P.O.'s need to in by Friday, May 7. I will review them and determine which ones to approve by Tuesday, May 11. You will order them and determine the delivery date to ensure someone is here to manage them as they arrive. I believe this is pretty similar to how things have been done in the past.
  2. Schedule and Registration- We have about 1/2 of each grade level put in. We will take those requests and make them fit based on the schedule. There is a chance the schedule could change based on enrollment, but it is starting solidify a bit. Thanks for helping kids get signed up. Rod will be here today, but he will be gone all of next week. If kids have questions today is the day to see him.
  3. Thursday, May 5- We will have our last group of visitors for the year. There will be about 30 people from 4 districts including a team from Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School out of Philadelphia (they will actually be here parts of the 5th and 7th as well). I appreciate your patience and openness in allowing groups into your rooms and to ask you questions.
  4. 6th Grade Orientation- Tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, May 26 at 7:00 p.m. If this isn't going to work, we may wait until the fall. We also have discussed running next year's schedule the last day of school to give kids an opportunity to meet all of their teachers for next year. We would then run semester tests on the 2nd and 3rd of June. We will need to decide soon.
  5. Senior Awards- Wednesday, May 19 at 7:00 p.m. in the small gym. Get with Rod if you have an award you would like to present. Wednesday, May 19 is also Seniors last day. Grades will need to be in by 9:00 a.m. Thursday, May 20 for seniors.
  6. Last Day for teachers is Monday, June 7.

Faculty Meeting- April 23, 2010

  1. Grades are due today for ineligibility check.
  2. Tuesday, April 27 we will have several visitors here . We have two groups in the a.m. There should be about 20 people total from North Scott and Exira. In the afternoon we will have a small group from Charter Oak and Schleswig.
  3. Thursday, April 29 we have a handful of students going to a Virtual Reality Conference on Thursday with Mr. Carver. Orange sheets should be coming around soon.
  4. Rod and I will be finishing up the schedule next week. We will be registering students soon. This is a sample registration form they will use.
  5. Don't forget tonight as well as Saturday we have the play. Next Saturday is Prom. The year is wrapping up quickly.

Faculty Meeting- April 9, 2010

  1. D and F list was shared with you yesterday. Highlighted kids need to attend study table to remain eligible through 4/23.
  2. NWEA Schedule for next week- Link
  3. Rae Niles from Apple will be here today. She will be working with the CEWL group first thing this a.m. until about 10:00 a.m. She will then work with the teachers as scheduled today and from 8:00-1:00 tomorrow. See me if interested in coming tomorrow. We could probably make some room.
  4. Tuesday, April 13- Judy Jeffrey is scheduled to be here at 11:00 a.m. She has recently announced her retirement, so we will just have to wait and see, but we haven't heard she won't be here.
  5. We will begin interviewing next week for Industrial Tech, Guidance, and A.D.
  6. Thursday, April 15-SLT members will be using the library all day. We will be preparing for the board meeting Monday, April 19. We decided to do it on site this year, but we will be reviewing the handbook and discipline matrix.
  7. BLT- Meeting Thursday at 7:15 a.m. and Thursday at 3:30
  8. Saturday, April 17- We are being given some furniture from American Family Insurance(Jeri Beem's place of employment) We could use help if you are available to assist us in moving it.
  9. Could our expectations be too low? Mr. Long has to see this.

Faculty Meeting- March 26, 2010

  1. End of the quarter. I had some students request moving it back. After seeing the survey results, most people didn't care either way, so we pushed it back to April 2. If you want to just put all grades in next week as 4th quarter, you could do that. Ultimately, the semester grade is what matters.
  2. April 7- We will be dismissing at 12:30 instead of 2:15 (I will get you a lunch schedule). We will be providing transportation for all that would rather not drive to the Polk County Convention Complex for the 1:1 conference. The bus will leave at 12:40 and it will return at approximately 5:30 p.m. You are more than welcome to drive on your own. This will be a great opportunity to learn and share with your peers across the state. More information can be found here.
  3. April 7- We have three spots open for any teacher that would like to attend for the entire day of the conference. Please see me after the meeting if interested.
  4. Monday, March 29- We will be bringing in 4 math applicants to interview. 8:00-9:30- David Gisch, 10:00-11:30- Eric Billups, 12:00-1:30-Kendi Beyer, 2:00-3:30-Josh McCollom We have had over 40 applicants for the position and we are confident we will find the right person to fill the position.
  5. Tuesday, March 30- PCM and Exira will have about 20 people here from approximately 9:00 a.m.-Noon
  6. Wednesday March 31-Friday, April 2- I will be out of the office presenting at TeachMeet Conference in Nashville, TN . John, Shannon and I have been asked to share what we are doing at Van Meter within our respective roles as educators.
  7. Are kids changing because of digital media?
  8. Castle/SAI Transitioning to the 21st Century Wiki-Day 3 for 2009-2010

Faculty Meeting- Feb. 26, 2010

  1. Registration for Moodle Classes We will be establishing some check points next week. All assignments will be due by June 30.
  2. Supt. Walkthroughs today. There will be 8 superintendents here broken into 4 groups of 2. The observation will be for about 20 minutes each. They will be going in 4 different rooms for about two hours this morning. Just go about you business as normal. This is PD for the superintendents.
  3. Tuesday I will be gone in the a.m.
  4. Thursday is a 2:15 dismissal-No Advisory. Conferences in the gym from 3:30-7:30 p.m.
  5. We need someone with 4th period prep to participate in the teacher/admin walkthroughs. See me after the meeting today if interested.
  6. We hope to have a decision made on the class schedule by April 15. If you would like some input, talk to members of the BLT.
  7. #s from the IPI. What do we want to do with them?
  8. No Faculty Meeting next Friday.

Faculty Meeting- Feb. 19, 2010

  1. Registration for Moodle Classes
  2. Wrestling Tournament- I agree it has been a nightmare with students missing classes that probably shouldn't be missing. It will be addressed prior to next school year.
  3. Teacher/Admin Walkthroughs Monday at 9:00 a.m.- Need a teacher interested in committing about 45 minutes to do those with us.
  4. Wednesday is a District PD day. Check out Jen's wiki for details.
  5. Wednesday we will have representatives from the UNI Price Lab School here from 9-Noon.
  6. Wednesday in the afternoon. John and I will be in Earlham to discuss possible sharing of program ideas.
  7. CAM Librarian and Principal will be here Thursday.
  8. Friday-John has a group of superintendents he is working with on walkthroughs coming in. I don't know much about this, but when I find our more, I will let you know.
  9. Tonight is the Faculty vs Student Basketball game if you aren't playing and you have nothing else to do, it should be an entertaining event starting at 5:30 with the the female faculty playing our girls, and the men faculty vs the boys game following the girls game.
  10. Track is right around the corner. What day are you guys starting?
  11. March 4 is the first day of conferences. Less than two weeks. Yes it is almost March:)
  12. Weighted Grades?

Faculty Meeting- Feb. 12, 2010

  1. Grades due today by 4:00 p.m. We will get the list out on Monday.
  2. NO Judy Jeffrey today.
  3. BLT met with Nina Rassmusson yesterday. She has helped develop innovative schedules and school calendars. Nothing has been decided yet. Really nothing even close, we will let you know as we get closer to coming up with something.
  4. Monday we will have about 35 people here. 25 of which will be students. We may be using some SLT member to help show them around. It has not been decided yet. We think will do what we have done in the past by breaking them down into groups of 5-7. We will start in the library at 9:00 a.m. They will be here until around Noon.
  5. Tuesday we have a couple of small groups coming in the morning. Teachers and principal from CAM and administrators from Urbandale. Mike Merritt will also be stopping by around 10:00.
  6. Wednesday- 20 administrators from Oskaloosa, North Mahaska, and Eddyville will be here from 9:00 to Noon.
  7. Parent/Teacher Conferences are in less than 3 weeks. If you have a student struggling be sure you have contacted parents verbally or via email prior to conferences.
  8. Good Luck to the wrestlers and Girls BB team on Saturday and to the Boys BB team on Monday.

Faculty Meeting-Jan. 29, 2010

  1. We need to meet if we haven't already about your ICDP.
  2. State Senator Appel will be here this afternoon.
  3. Next week-Basic Skills Schedule ITED Schedule
    • Monday- Iowa Core Meeting. Admin only are going we will meet with entire team at a later date
    • Tuesday- We have been asked to present to the AEA 11 Supt. More info will follow today
    • Wednesday- I have a meeting at Grant Wood AEA in Cedar Rapids
    • Thursday-BLT meeting 3:30, We will continue discussion on possible schedules for next year
    • Friday-We will not have a Faculty Meeting. Rae Niles will be here again for Apple Training, Michael Ralston from the Iowa Association of Businesses will be here in the morning, and Mark Draper (Iowa High School Project),LeAnn Jacobson, President, Technology Association of Iowa, DMACC Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Kim Linduska, DMACC Academic Dean Drew Gocken, and DMACC President Rob Denson will be here in the afternoon.
  4. Yesterday was awesome. We had over 600 tweets and though we had a few glitches with our live stream, hundreds of people watched. Our kids were awesome! I got goose bumps a couple of times, and that was before my daughter spoke. They represented the district in a fashion you all would be proud of. Kudos to you all for having prepared such confident students.
  5. Need grades by 4:00 p.m. TODAY:)
  6. Snow Day makeup- The state has ok'd adding time to the day to count as make up time, the board is seriously considering March 12 as a make up day, and I we have had almost300 responses to the survey. Monday we have a special board session and a work session, so I am sure more will be known then.
  7. FYI-In the last week, we have had positive press on KCCI, WOI, and WHO, as well as John's excellent discussion on the DM Register website. Great week for Van Meter. It wouldn't be possible without excellent teachers.

Faculty Meeting-Jan. 22, 2010

  1. Attendance sheets in box. Please have a discussion with your advisees on Wednesday about their attendance. 98% attendance at this point in the school year would mean only 2 missed days of school. To get 98% attendance for the year a student can miss 4 days.
  2. D and F List. Students with an F for the semester are ineligible for 30 calendar days. Students that are on the current D for 2 days are ineligible through next Friday. On Friday, Jan. 29 we will check grades again. Students that have an F or 2 Ds at that point in the semester will be ineligible for 2 weeks. We should then be back on our regular rotation.
  3. Wednesday's PD is a District day. More info will be out at the start of next week.
  4. Meeting with me over ICDP. My Calendar is on this wiki. If you have not scheduled a time with me or if we were unable to meet, you need to get with me today to set up a time for next week.
  5. Tuesday, John is doing a live web stream interview on the DM Register web page with the Superintendent's from Des Moines and Ankeny. I think it is from 11:00 to 12:00. I will let you know when I know for sure.
  6. Thursday next week is a big day for our district. We will be taking 6 students with John and me to present to the House/Senate Appropriations Committee on Education about the 1:1 laptop program. We will be skyping back to the school and we will have a back channel conversation going that we would like kids to participate in here if possible. We will also be having a conversation on Twitter #vanmeter at the same time. Our goal is to make this committee aware of how connected our students are becoming to the rest of the world and how a 1:1 laptop program, combined with the VR piece and excellent teaching can take students to the levels of learning needed to have success in the world they live in. I believe it will be from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
  7. On Friday State Senator Stacy Appel will be here to visit the school as well.
  8. We are working on putting some possible period schedules together for next year. More information will be coming out next week.
  9. ITBS/ITED Tests-Rod

Faculty Meeting- Jan. 15, 2010

  1. Semester Grades are due Wednesday by NOON at the latest.
  2. Monday PD in the morning. Report to the library at 8:30 a.m. Evan Abbey will be here to get us started on our PD for the rest of the year on building days.
  3. BLT will meet Monday at 11:00 a.m.
  4. Colleen, Angie and Holly- Remind me
  5. Schedule for next year- Committee, April 7 PD?, and some other ideas floating around
  6. Email I received from my blog

Faculty Meeting- Jan. 12, 2010

  1. Semester Tests Schedule- Same as posted earlier. Students can only leave if they don't have a test scheduled during that period
  2. Semester Grades due Wednesday, Jan. 20 by Noon. No later.
  3. Students that are currently on the ineligibility list will be until Tuesday of next week. We will create a new list on Wednesday that will go until the 29th.
  4. Monday we will meet in the library at 8:30 a.m. Evan Abbey is here to work with us on using Moodle. It will be our PD for the rest of the year during building days. He is offering us a course in teaching online.
  5. Reminder I am in Newell Fonda tomorrow. We are going to an Apple Event hosted by Newell Fonda. Apple wants to do the same thing here in the spring. We want to see what there plans are. I will also be gone on Wednesday to Ames to work with Scott McLeod on Transitioning to the 21st century. Poor timing I know, but it is what it is.
  6. BLT will meet after school today at 3:30. If you can't make it shoot me an email.
  7. #vanmeter This is a hashtag we have created on Twitter so people can follow our discussions. Shannon and I will be teaching a class 2nd semester on developing your own Personal Learning Network (PLN). We will offer sessions for teachers as well if interested. This is a link to the Educators PLN Ning this is great place to connect with other educators throughout the country. This could be especially beneficial to teachers that are THE department, but I would recommend all teachers join the discussion.

Faculty Meeting- Dec. 18, 2009

  1. Grades and Ineligibility List- We are going to push it back to Jan. 8. We will do a grade check then so yes, some students are going to get about 7 days of eligibility when possibly they are failing a class. On Jan. 20 Grades will be due for the semester. Any student with an F then is ineligible for 30 calendar days. The next Grade check will be on Jan. 29.
  2. School Structure Survey Results
  3. School Day Idea to Think About- We will discuss next week. The snow days last week through a wrench into discussing this last week? What are your thoughts?
    1. Moving start time to 8:05 and end time to 3:05. We could then have from 3:15-4:00 p.m. to plan for collaboration time, PD opportunities etc.
  4. We will be identifying clear goals/expectations of what we would want out of a daily class schedule. Talk to BLT members about your idea. We are forming a Task Force under the direction of Kent Miller to look at various school schedules. If you are interested in being a part of this, let Kent or me know.
  5. Semester Test Schedule- I will get it posted later
  6. Monday we will be taking the 10th-12th grade students to DMACC. Colleen will be getting more information to you about this. 7th-9th Graders will be running a regular day.
  7. Advisory Tuesday?
  8. Pot Luck Tuesday- sounds like it is a go.
  9. Dean of Education at UNI, Bill Callahan and Lou Ann Gvist from the IASB will be here as well around 10 a.m. The reason so many people are coming here is because of all of the great things we see in classrooms everyday. We like to share. People are interested in the 1 2 1, and want to see how it is impacting learning. Your efforts to make this work are truly appreciated. I see or hear people talking about new things every day. It has been an awesome experience so far and I look forward to seeing where we will be by the end of the year.
  10. TWITTER- If you are looking for ideas on how to connect with other educators, I strongly encourage you to get on the Twitter Train. It has allowed me to connect with so many people around the world. This type of transparent and connected world is the type of world our kids will live in. We need to prepare them for it by making it part of how we do business.
Jen's Recent Posts
Stacey's Recent Posts
Shannon's Recent Posts
I know we have other's on Twitter, and I think it is a great resource for helping you develop your own Personal Learning Network or PLN. I would love to share more about it with you, so if you want to learn more about Twitter, I would gladly help you along your way.

Faculty Meeting- Dec. 4, 2009

  1. Need grades today by 4:00 p.m.
  2. Semester Tests Schedule ( Semester Schedule ???)
  3. School Structure Survey Results
  4. School Day Idea to Think About- We will discuss next week.
    1. Moving start time to 8:05 and end time to 3:05. We could then have from 3:15-4:00 p.m. to plan for collaboration time, PD opportunities etc.
  5. We will be identifying clear goals/expectations of what we would want out of a daily class schedule. Talk to BLT members about your ideas
    1. We are forming a Task Force under the direction of Kent Miller to look at various school schedules. If you are interested in being a part of this, let Kent or me know.
  6. PD next week is a district day. More information can be found at the curriculum wiki. WE WILL HAVE ADVISORY.
  7. Rae Niles will be here today from Apple. She will be working with teachers individually and then we will have PD tomorrow from 8-1 p.m as well.
  8. Thanks for the Great Strides Assembly yesterday to Shannon, Bart, and Dustin, but especially to the students both NHS and others that made the event possible. It is for a great cause.
  9. Angela Maiers will be here on Tuesday of next week. She is an education consultant that is currently working with schools nationwide including the Hawaii Dept. of Education. She is coming here to check out our school for free.

Faculty Meeting- Nov. 13, 2009

  1. Grades are due today by 4:00 p.m.
  2. Ineligibility Policy we are taking to the board for approval.
  3. Technology Mission Statement Please Post in your room if you haven't already
  4. Flexible Time- Admin has discussed ways to use time more effectively. We feel need more PD time
  5. Brent's Email- Please complete the Pro/Con Chart and get it to Brent by 3:30 p.m. Nov. 18
  6. Great Blog on why the high school structure needs to change if we truly want to get kids to THINK
  7. Filtering System- We are doing the best we can to give our students access to the tools they need. This will be our mantra.
  8. Please post your thoughts and ideas on the google doc about how education needs to change or doesn't need to change.
  9. Why Teacher Pay Should Not be Tied to Test Scores
  10. Where is Harrison Barnes Going to School? This reminds me of my high school experience:)

Faculty Meeting-Oct. 30, 2009

  1. If you haven't gotten all of your grades in, we need them ASAP.
  2. Technology Mission Statement (with guidelines for use) will be created, hopefully today, and distributed to you to print and put in your room. We had a great discussion at BLT last night and decided this is the way to go. We will use our "policies" as guidelines, but we will deal with each situation as needed. You will still need to send Mike, Rod and Me what you determine as misuse that is becoming an issue so we have some data if further consequences are needed.
  3. Ineligibility Discussion- the idea is to basically keep it the same and allow students to continue to play in games as long as they come to study table either before or after school. If they miss a study table, they are off of probation and become ineligible.
  4. Walkthroughs today- 1:30-2:15
  5. Conferences will be in the gym on Thursday. Do you want to have advisory on the conference days?
  6. Please post your thoughts and ideas on the google doc about how education needs to change or doesn't need to change.

Faculty Meeting-Oct. 23, 2009

  1. End of Quarter is Tuesday, Oct. 27. Grades are due Friday, Oct. 30
  2. Brian Tate from Des Moines North will be here on Wednesday of next week. They are interested in the one to one for their freshman academy. I believe Jan Fletcher from Earlham may be over next week sometime as well.
  3. Possible change to lunch schedule
  4. Walkthroughs- It looks like Friday of next week. We will have teachers involved again.
  5. Great Job developing your sites on Wednesday! I am impressed with the work that I am seeing as you develop your sites. Keep up the good work.

Faculty Meeting- Oct. 16, 2009

  1. IPDP's need turned in.
  2. I will be in Ames on Tuesday all day, Earlham Wednesday a.m., and in East Marshall most of the day on Thursday. Dashel and Holly will be with me on Thursday as well.
  3. Supplies are limited with the 10% cut, so be very cognizant of wants vs needs. We will not short change our students, but we have a great resource with our laptops to limit the need for paper products.
  4. Next Friday-We will be discussing possible changes to the ineligibility policy. Be at the meeting if you want a say.
  5. Walkthroughs- Teachers will begin joining us on our walkthroughs. We are trying to come to a consensus of what good teaching looks like. We will be collaborating with all teachers to help determine this description.
  6. http://1to1schools.net/ This Nick Sauers Blog on 1 to 1 schools. He is one of the ISU Doctoral students that visited last week.
  7. PD Wednesday. More Google in the classroom.

Faculty Meeting- Oct. 9, 2009

  1. IPDP- I need these if you haven't turned them in yet. I would like to have them all filed by the end of next week.
  2. ICC Meeting- I will email notes from this meeting to you later today.
  3. 1 2 1 Meeting - Wiki and Notes
  4. We are considering changes to the eligibility policy- see a BLT member for input
  5. iChat and online games
  6. ISU-Doctoral Students
  7. VR- I will be meeting with the VR students sometime next week
  8. Limit Purchase Orders due to the 10% cut. If you need something, you will need to find a time to come and see me to plead your case. This will help me determine the need. From now on, don't just stick the order in my box.
  9. Senior Night for Football players tonight. Also, the girls won their Sr. Night for VB on Tuesday. It was great to see so many teachers there supporting Coach Heard and the girls. GO DAWGS!
  10. Watch these two videos when you get a chance.

Faculty Meeting- Oct. 2, 2009

  1. If you haven't met with me about your IPDP yet, get it set up for today or next week.
  2. Register article is supposed to run this Sunday now:) We will just have to wait and see.
  3. Copy machine and printer. Students should not be using the printer or the copier. If they need something printed, they can email it to you and you can print it for them.
  4. iChat and games- I will be meeting with the SLT today to discuss consequences for misuse of iChat and internet games.
  5. BLT discussed possibly making different arrangements for lunch room supervision. More info will be out soon.
  6. Monday I will be at ICC along with Kelly, Rod, Jared and Brent.
  7. Tuesday I will be in Ames for a 1 2 1 conference
  8. Wednesday is a 2:15 dismissal. We will be meeting in the small gym for PD.
  9. Ineligibility check today. Be sure to get grades in today and JMC updated. We are considering some changes to the policy. Talk to BLT members to give your input.

Faculty Meeting-September 25, 2009

  1. Don't forget to schedule your IPDP meeting with me.
  2. Sunday the first article that Staci Hupp from the Register has been working on is supposed to run.
  3. Surveys- I will be sending out some short surveys that I would like you to complete. They should be out today or Monday.
  4. Admin Walkthroughs- Many of you have seen the admin. team in your classes. We are working on developing a template that makes sense for us. With our focus being the Iowa Core, we are using the 5 Characteristics of Effective Instruction as our starting point in developing this template. Once we get that completed, I will use it for when I do my individual walkthroughs as the year progresses. We will continue to do our admin. walkthroughs throughout the year. The end goal being that we have a K-12 District staff using effective teaching strategies for students of the 21st century.
  5. Thanks- I wanted to thank everyone for their cooperation with ALL of the visitors that we have had here already this year. We will have more here next week from ISU and the DE. We also have some future teachers coming in to do observations. I appreciate your acceptance to having people come watch you in action.
  6. Big game tonight- We will have a huge crowd here tonight for the game and with Channel 13 being here. We could use some help in supervising the game tonight. If anyone is interested, come see Mr. Linde or me. GO DAWGS!

Faculty Meeting-September 18, 2009

  1. JMC GradeBook- Fridays at 4:00 p.m. in needs to be updated starting Friday, September 18
    1. If a student is starting to fall behind or is not where they should be at. Contact parents. They do not want to be caught off guard
  2. VM Bulldog accounts for students and teachers- Have students activate their accounts if they haven't already. I will try to take you through setting up your account on the TimZon.
  3. Schedule for meeting with me about IPDP. If we haven't met already, stop down and see me during your prep, before school, or after school. Email me a rough draft, or bring a rough draft with you. For those of you that have already met with me, get me your final version, so we can sign off on it.
  4. Tony Wagner, author of The Global Achievement Gap and Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor-Great Presentation. Go to the following sites to learn more This twitter link, Student Dialogue, Info from School Administrators of Iowa
    1. Great stuff and it confirms we are heading in the right direction
  5. Friday, September 18- VR meeting at DMACC cancelled for the 18th, but I will meet with some of the students listed in the announcements tomorrow at 9:55 a.m.
  6. Tuesday, September 22- Mr. Beem, Mr. Hofflemeyer?, and I will be taking some students to DMACC to visit their VR program at Ankeny. More info will be coming.
  7. September 25- Picture Day
  8. Apple PD- After meeting with the BLT, we have decided to train 12-14 teachers more thoroughly. They will get 6 days of PD. This group will then help train the rest of the staff as we move forward. This will be open to elementary and secondary teachers. We hope to train 6-7 from each building. Some of the time will have to be on a voluntary basis. If you are interested or want to know more, let me know.
  9. FYI- Staci Hupp will be here today and on Monday
  10. Pep Assembly today. Dismiss students to the HS gym at 2:55. Good Luck Boys and GO DAWGS!

Faculty Meeting- September 11, 2009

  1. JMC GradeBook- Fridays at 4:00 p.m. in needs to be updated starting Friday, September 18
    1. Mike is working on getting it set up to where you can access it at home
    2. I apologize for not involving everyone in the decision, but this way we can tell parents to check JMC on Fridays after 4:00 for updated grades
    3. If a student is starting to fall behind or is not where they should be at. Contact parents. They do not want to be caught off guard.
  2. Gmail accounts for students- WE are close, maybe today we will get confirmation from google. We have had some issues getting communication back from them in getting our accounts set up, but hopefully today is the day.
  3. Schedule for meeting with me about IPDP- I will be setting up a schedule of times I will be available to meet with you in regards to your plan. Sign up for the time that works best for you.
  4. Monday's PD- Schedule at Jen's wiki . Hopefully all of you completed the survey so she could get sessions divided up.
  5. Wednesday of next week I will be out for the day. Tony Wagner, author of The Global Achievement Gap and Harvard Graduate School of Education is speaking. I would like to take two high school aged students to the presentation. Please email me two names of students you think would be good representatives of the District.
  6. Friday, September 18 in the afternoon, I have a Virtual Reality meeting at DMACC
  7. September 25- Picture Day
  8. Apple PD- We have set up two days of training with Apple. Friday, December 4, and Saturday, December 5. If you are interested in coming on Saturday, we are hoping to be able to pay you from the TQ money if you haven't used it already. If you have, you can come, but we won't be able to pay you. More information will be coming out about this soon.
  9. FYI- Most of you are aware of Staci Hupp being here from the Des Moines Register. She is putting together a series of articles about our school. The first article will be published in the Sunday Register, September 27. Also, we met with Angela Maiers Tuesday a.m. She is an independent education consultant. She will be an awesome resource for us as we move forward. Check out her on the web. We have also partnered up with ISU. John Nash is a professor there working on research to determine the impact a one to one environment has on student learning. All exciting stuff, so if you see people in the halls or classes and you are wondering who they are, it could be one of these people
  10. Great win for the VB team last night. Good luck to the FB team tonight at Colo. First District game. I hope to see you there. Go Dawgs!

Faculty Meeting- September 4, 2009, JH/HS Library, 7:45 a.m.

  1. Great Week! I want to thank each of you, but especially JoEllen for a great Homecoming week of activities. Obviously, we still have a few events left, but overall, it has gone pretty well.
  2. Today's Schedule Announcements Homecoming Activities Dance tomorrow-See JoEllen if you want to help chaperone.
  3. Individual PD Plans- We need to meet and get these finalized by Oct. 1.
  4. Advisory-Colleen and Jared
  5. No School Monday-Enjoy your extended weekend
  6. Sept. 9 is an early out for PD. Check out Jen's Wiki for information.
  7. Monday, Sept. 14 is a full PD day. Check out Jen's Wiki for information.
  8. Friday Meetings- On Fridays from now on, teachers will present how they are using technology in the classroom. We will only meet to discuss business items as needed. I will be the first to present. You can present more than once. We need volunteers to start. You can present as many times a you would like. It doesn't matter what it is, but show us, because someone else might want to learn more about it. If you aren't using it much yet, find some ways you can use it. Ask your colleagues, or ask students what would help meet their needs.
  9. Get announcements into Connie by 9:15. She will be working on the eligibility lists, so be sure to get your grades in if you haven't already.
  10. Good Luck to the Football Team tonight and the Volleyball Team tomorrow. Go Bulldogs!

Faculty Meeting-August 28, 2009, JH/HS Library, 7:45 a.m.

  1. First full week-Things seem to be going well, even with all of the changes our students and you have endured. Kudos to a great team! You have all made the transition possible for our students.
  2. I would like to meet with each of you (if I haven't already) over the next couple of weeks- I just need to get to know each of you better, we need to review your PD plans, and I need to know what I can do to support you.
  3. Homecoming Next Week- JoEllen More News?
  4. Laptop-Checkout system in library
  5. Student Email- Soon...Possibly today
  6. Copy Machine and Printer will probably remain on this floor in the library
  7. We will be moving downstairs soon, but we haven't set a date yet
  8. Walkthroughs- As I mentioned via email, I will be getting in your rooms regularly starting next week. I am excited to see all of you in action. I will be providing feedback via our ewalk templates provided by AEA 11
  9. Good Luck to the Coach Trudo and the football boys tonight-remember it is a 7:30 start at Guthrie Center. VB girls open up next Thursday-Good Luck to Coach Heard and the VB team
  10. Ineligibility Lists- I will get you the dates later today.
  11. Post your wikis, blogs , and whatever else you are doing on this wiki. I want it to be our wiki, not just mine.

Faculty Meeting- August 21, 2009 JH/HS Library 7:45 a.m.

  1. Wiki Updates- Notify Blue Bar above this page.
  2. First Day- Questions/Concerns
  3. JMC Attendance is now working:)
  4. Lunch Time/Class Master Schedule (sorry for the problems yesterday.)
  5. Bells or No Bells?
  6. Schedule Friday Remind them this morning that ALL must attend. There is no early dismissal today.
  7. Assembly Electronic Crime Institute
  8. Orientation Monday- Grades 10-12 need to be in the Gym
  • Presenters-People that have told me they can present for sure...If you are presenting, we need to meet today briefly after school today at 2:20 in the library to run through the keynote and what you need to cover during orientation. We should be able to get done in 20 minutes or so. If you can't attend today after school, see me sometime today.
    • Brent Jorth
    • Kent Miller
    • Shawn Hyer
    • Shannon Miller
    • Stacey Wigant
    • Jared Lange
    • Eric Trudo
    • Josh Fitkin
    • Jen Sigrist
    • Alan Hansen (Apple Guy)
  • Other Adult Helpers for crowd control and support. More Help Needed:)
    • Bob Long
    • Dave Tapps
    • Shonna and Sandy
  • Student Helpers
    • NHS- Approximately 18 students

Faculty Meeting August 14, 2009 JH/HS Library 10:00-Noon
  1. vmbulldogs.wikispaces.com
  2. Review of in-service schedule
  3. Brief review of my educational experiences
  4. Brief review of what VM has done the last 4-5 years Important Documents
  5. Secondary Staff Handbook Review
  6. Break-15 minutes
  7. Welcome Back to School Night 5:00-6:30
    1. Hand out schedules and one to one information
  8. One to One
    1. Thursday and Friday Assemblies
      1. Thursday Mike and I will be meeting with each class to inform them of the rollout expectations
      2. Friday we will have a 7-12 assembly @ 1:30. Follow the 1:20 dismissal schedule. We have Bryan Burkhardt from the Electronic Crime Institute here to talk to our students about cyberbullying and other electronic crimes.
    2. Monday, August 24 Rollout
    3. Tuesday, August 25- Dawn of a New Era at Van Meter and Iowa Other 1 2 1 schools
    4. Advisory Curriculum:)
    5. Video of first IT guyMike Linde's great, great, great.....Grandfather
  9. VM Bulldog Wiki review
  10. Video ofLearn to Change, Change to Learn -Where we are hoping to go